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Letting Your Child’s Wild Side Out


For parents of children with disabilities, especially for those who are blind and visually impaired (and the professionals and educators who serve them): This is a truly unique DVD of our daughter who is blind, with an empowerment message from a mother to other parents raising children with disabilities. Length and format: 30 minutes of photos and video of child in action from age nine months to six years old, includes AUDIO of child’s mother presenting as she does at educational conferences.

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Intended audience for this unique DVD is special education teachers, early intervention professionals and parents of children with disabilities, especially blindness and visual impairments.

  • Do you want to spread the message to families to not overprotect their child who doesn’t see? Do you run into resistance when you try? Would you like some help in starting that important conversation?
  • Are you looking for a unique way to suggest recreational activities to families with a young child who is visually-impaired?

Use this five-year video case study on how we embraced early intervention services, applied them, and laid a solid foundation for our child to master new skills. The DVD is full of photos and videos of our child in action. In 30 minutes, you’ll see her grow from baby to downhill skier, gaining a strong sense of self-confidence and eagerness to learn at every stage.

Proceeds from sales will go directly into Milagro’s college fund. A portion of each DVD will go to Blind Babies Foundation (BBF) and to California Association of Parents of the Visually Impaired (CAPVI). BBF  is largely responsible for providing foundational knowledge to help us raise our daughter as an independent and confident child. CAPVI provides us with ongoing support and information.

Thank you for your interest in spreading this important message to families of kids with visual disabilities and other special needs.

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